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September 13th Predictions: Casamayor vs Marquez & Campbell vs Guzman

Posted by beeshabo on September 12, 2008

Tomorrow brings a good night for Boxing fans with two great Lightweight main events on two different networks, Showtime brings us Lightweight Champion Nate Campbell defending his titles against the quick Joan Guzman, and HBO PPV gives us Cuban veteran Joel Casamayor vs Mexican star Juan Manuel Marquez, it’s going to be GREAT! There will be some decent undercards, but I’m a little pressed for time, so I won’t go into them.

Campbell vs Guzman

This is a very interesting matchup for good reason, Nate Campbell is the owner of three Lightweight titles, having been the first man to beat the “Baby Bull” Juan Diaz in what turned out to be a great fight. Then on the other side of the ring we have Joan Guzman, a slick boxer with tremendous hand and foot speed who (in his last fight) beat a strong Humberto Soto to defended the WBO Super Featherweight title. After a Super Featherweight title fight fell through for Guzman, he made a decision to move up to Lightweight to meet and hopefully defeat the heavy handed Campbell.


Okay, this is (like so many others) a very tough fight to call, both men have tremendous talent, and both seem eager to get it on, there have been some bad mouthing and the fighters clearly dislike one and other to this point. So it should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

I for one think that Campbell is a great fighter, very tough and determined, but if he can’t find a way to slow down the quick Guzman, I am sorry to say it will be a frustrating night for the “Galaxy Warrior”. Guzman not only possesses fast hands, but fast feet as well, he moves in and out very sneaky as he unleashes surprisingly fast combinations in the process, he can box going forwards or backwards and knows how to make his opponents miss. The one thing major element Campbell possesses that Guzman does not, is power, Campbell carries knockout power in both fists, in which case makes him dangerous throughout the entire bout, but Campbell must use his ring intelligence to somehow corner Guzman or lure him into a fight in order to make his power punches count.

Over all, this will be good fight, but can easily turn into a boring one with a fighter like Guzman, his “Hit and Run” type style can quickly spoil a fight. I can see this fight going to the cards unless Campbell can land cleanly on the chin of Guzman, Campbell is indeed the bigger man and the harder puncher, but you can’t ever count out a fighter with Guzman’s speed and agility.

I see this one going to the cards with Guzman comfortably ahead, I’m using my brain and not my heart, if I was judging the outcome using my heart, I would have to say Campbell ALL THE WAY, I really want him to put Guzman on his back, but I think it’s going to be a tough night for Campbell, but of course, he too cannot be counted out. Otherwise, I would predict a Unanimous Decision win for Joan Guzman.

Casamayor vs Marquez

Another very interesting matchup, future Hall of Famer Joel Casamayor takes on Juan Manuel Marquez, it’s a Crafty South Paw Boxer vs Technical Boxer Puncher. One of the main reasons this fight is so intriguing is the fact that Marquez will be making his debut at 135lbs when he challenges Casamayor for the “Linear” Lightweight Championship, unlike Pacquiao, Marquez is not moving just searching for another belt, he wants to fight the best, and proving his willingness by taking on the best in the division, Joel Casamayor. The outcome if up in the air, both men can box and both love to fight, Casamayor is a veteran in the sport, and Marquez has recently climbed out of the shadows of his successful countrymen but is looking to rise further to the top. Casamayor is the naturally bigger man, and maybe the more experienced of the two, but Marquez is very tough and determined, it takes a lot to break his will, and when he focused, he operates like a well oiled machine.


Geez, another tough fight to call, I would no doubt be rooting for Marquez, but I’ll be very nervous throughout the entire bout, because Casamayor is very crafty, when he’s motivated, he’s very dangerous, this is a fight Marquez can easily lose if he’s not prepared. Look for a tactical bout for the first half, but towards round 8 and 9, I see a brawl on the rise as both will attempt to hurt the other, it’s going to be a close fight. I think Casamayor’s power will come into play somewhere by half way mark, Marquez showed he’s vulnerable to straight left hand punches, and Casamayor has one of the best at lightweight, if Casamayor lands a straight left in a moment where Marquez is too busy being aggressive, he’ll find himself on the canvas, Marquez must use controlled aggression, test the water before diving in. Casamayor will do WHATEVER it takes to win, that includes reaching into his bag of tricks to frustrate an anxious Marquez, he’ll use headbutts, elbows and even low blows to gain control if he feels he’s being threaten. Marquez must stay on his tows, be energetic yet calm when it heats up, if Marquez can simply box and counterpunch, he can work his way to a close decision win, if he allows Casamayor to fight his type of fight, Marquez will fall behind and attempt to catch up. I see a draw, unless Casamayor can drop Marquez (or vice versa), but still, a fairly winnable fight for the strong Marquez.


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