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Mosley vs Mayorga: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on September 26, 2008

On Saturday September 27, boxing superstar Sugar Shane Mosley takes on Nicaraguan brawler Ricardo Mayorga it what seems to be a fairly interesting match-up, Boxer vs Brawler. So, Who wins?

Well, we all know why Sugar Shane Mosley is facing Mayorga, just to get us thinking that he’s facing a dangerous puncher, that he’s not lost the willingness to face such a fighter, Yeah Whatever!! But to be honest, this fight hardly makes any sense, Mayorga has already been thrashed by hard hitting Felix Trinidad, and was iced in 6 rounds against the Golden Boy, and now Mosley wants a piece? Or just a confidence builder?

Let’s be honest, Mosley hasn’t looked that great in his last few fights, he struggled a bit with a washed up Vargas in their first fight, but came back to score a somewhat impressive knockout out in the rematch. Mosley then faced slick southpaw Luis Collazo in what to me was a boring fight, Mosley looked “Okay”, but not impressive, sure he looked fast, but Collazo is no Speedy Gonzalez. Then Mosley took on the always exciting, Miguel Cotto in what turned out to be a GREAT fight, Mosley looked good, but it was shocking to see him technically out boxed by the slower Cotto, surely not the fighter he used to be, Mosley clearly lost one of the biggest fights of his career, and now he faces a wild swinging tough guy.

Okay, Ricardo Mayorga is best known for not only beating, but knocking out the man who was the first to beat Mosley, he goes by the name of “The Viper”, Vernon Forrest. This was a time when Forrest was considered a star on the rise, having floored Mosely in route to winning the biggest fight on his career, then proving himself again in the rematch. But up against Mayorga, Forrest was no match, Mayorga came out strong, winging away with both hands, engaging Forrest and pressing the action, Forrest typically a boxer decided to fight, and that was his mistake, he was caught with a titanic right hand that put him down, Forrest never recovered. In the rematch, Forrest decided to box and stick to the game plan, well, Mayorga flipped the switch and decided to do the same, he boxed, and boxed well, beating Forrest at his own game, earning himself a well deserved points victory, these fights are the highlights of Mayorga’s career till this day, but at this stage in his career, can he beat or make it a competitive fight with a fighter like Mosley? We shall see.

This should be a very interesting fight, I enjoy watching both, Mosley with his speed and bouncy footwork, and Mayorga with his helicopter type attack, it should be a sanctioned street fight (hopefully =)

I’ve been reading articles, watching the press conference videos, and Mayorga looks to be in pretty good shape, so I don’t think Mosley will get in there and attempt to bang with the guy, regardless of Mayora’s wide punches that are often seen coming, there is a still chance one can land, and that’s a risk Mosley should not be willing to take. I think Mosley will box and pick his shots, that’s where he’ll have more success, picking Mayorga apart as he comes forward. Mayorga will do what he always does, he’ll come forward and bomb away, it will be surprising if he attempts to box with Mosley right of the bat, that’s often something he’ll resort to if his typical style fails him.

I see a close fight coming into the middle rounds, but Mosley will pick up the pace in the second half of the fight to win a decision. But watch out for Mayorga’s right hand, it can do some damage.


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