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October 11th Predictions: Peter vs Klitschko – Dawson vs Tarver

Posted by beeshabo on October 9, 2008

Showtime has fight night for us this Saturday, with an early taping in Berlin of Peter vs Klitschko and then a later bout in Vegas with Dawson vs Tarver, with nothing much going on for me this weekend, I think I’ll be slouched on my couch with a cold brew in my hand.

These are pretty interesting bouts, I’m not a really a fan of either of these fighters to be honest, the only one who interests me a bit is Klitschko, and only because he’s coming back from a very long layoff to fight a current world champion. But, since I’m a huge boxing fan and I’m sure many are buzzing about this Saturday’s bouts, I have chosen to write my predictions on both matches.

Peter vs Klitschko

This is a tough one to call for me, Peter hasn’t impressed me at all, but he’s been winning, and that’s all that matters, only this time he’ll be fighting an experienced taller foe than he’s ever faced, sure he beat veteran James Toney, but that’s irrelevant here as Toney isn’t a really impressive Heavyweight and who also lacks natural size.

With the long layoff and previous injuries that have derailed Klitschko’s attempt at a ring return, I find it hard to believe he will come in and blow away Peter as quickly as he would’ve have 3 years ago, ring rust will be a big issue, and also if he stays healthy in the fight.

I see a methodical yet quick aggressive approach from Peter, knowing that it may take Klitschko a few rounds to warm up, Peter’s best chances to get some work done (a possibly a KO) is early, between rounds 1 and 5 while Klitschko is trying to gain his comfort in the ring. I’m sure Klitschko will be in good shape, he never enters a bout unprepared, but how well will his aging body hold up against a young hungry champion? The rounds will tell. If Klitschko has done his work in the gym and shows up rust free (very doubtful though), he very well can score a vicious KO with that thudding right hand somewhere around the 6-7th round, catching Peter coming in aggressively. I suspect Peter will be gunning for an early KO while Klitschko jabs and stays away, if Peter comes forward and abandons his jab he’ll be countered and knocked out, he must be very cautious and only unleash his bombs when an opening is visible. Klitschko will no doubt be extremely dangerous early, but if he can’t make something happen by rounds 8-9, I think it will be an uphill battle for him.

Overall, a good heavyweight match-up (for now) with either an early KO for Klitschko or an unimpressive Unanimous Decision win for the Nigerian (Peter).

Dawson vs Tarver

Now this fight intrigues me much more than the heavyweight fight, because in this fight, not only do we have an older former/current champion vs a young hungry champion, but Tarver (being the older fighter) has been pretty active, staying busy and has technically been preparing for this fight, and now it’s Showtime. Dawson, has progressed into one of the top Light Heavyweight’s in the division, undefeated and as of his last fight, battle tested, now can he gather all that he’s learned and put it towards beating Antonio Tarver? We shall soon find out.

This I believe will be a chess match until the middle rounds, I suspect both fighters will respect one and other to an extent, but once the feeling out process passes, there will be a boost in activity and a lot of leather swapping. Tarver is typically a slow started, he calmly walks to his opponent and fires off short combinations when in close, but (as of his last fight) I’m just not convinced he can pull the trigger anymore, I think he’ll eat a lot of punches while barely landing any of his own, because Dawson is fast and sharp. Although Tarver has slowed a bit, I’m sure he can bang, the last thing to go on an aging fighter is their power, and Tarver packs a decent punch, that will make him dangerous for most of the fight, but as Dawson breaks him down little by little, Tarver’s chances of scoring a KO will slip away.

I see this as a very competitive fight, and maybe not as crown pleasing as most may think, but it could still produce enough action to keep you watching. Look for the younger Dawson to do just enough to pull out a close victory.

I stand by my predictions, and will admit when I’m wrong, but this is boxing, ANYTHING can happen.


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