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Mijares vs Darchinyan: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on October 30, 2008

Ooh ooh ooh, Mijares vs Darchinyan, YES!!

Okay guys, we have a hot one on our hands, this Saturday we’ll get to witness a classic Boxer vs Puncher bout of two excellent little men, Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan takes on the classy Christian Mijares for the IBF, WBA & WBC Super Flyweight Titles, this should be a great one.

Darchinyan is coming off of a 5th round destruction of baby faced Dimitry Kirilov in what was a dominant performance by the hard hitting Armenian, Vic came out strong and confident, he seemed to tighten up his defense a bit and had wider variety of punches that eventually took out the stubborn Kirilov in dramatic fashion. It seemed that Darchinyan had been working on a few things, he didn’t load up as much and he looked far more calm and relaxed, but his offense was highlighted due to the fact that Kirilov elected to stand right in front of Vic and allowed him to land his bombs, there was no head movement whatsoever by Kirilov, he took Vic’s punches well in the first couple of round, but it was just a matter of time before they took their toll, and they did. It was a sloppy effort by Kirilov, he allowed Darchinyan to set the pace and dictact the action, something Mijares will NOT do, he is much too smart for that, you must box the puncher, not fight him. Christian Mijares is one of Mexico’s greatest pugilists, he’s sharp, quick and slick, he uses angles and his flowing footwork to virtually outclass his opponents, just ask Jorge Arce, who is a strong puncher with an iron will and decent boxing ability, but he (as many others) had no answer for Mijares’ skills.

Darchinyan has great power, but lacks defense and maybe the mentality to slip punches and use counter attacks to take control, he is more of a face first brawler who greatly believes in his power. But due to his stubborn attitude, he sometimes forgets that he’s in a fight and the other man in the ring (other than the referee) can punch back, that was exposed by Nonito Donaire when he brutally KO’d Darchinyan in the 5th round of their fight back in July of 2007. Vic and his camp claim that Vic himself was the reason he was stopped, that he was winding up too much and he got lazy, well, that is the way he always fights, it just took someone to expose it, now it’s time to correct those flaws and remain disciplined in heat of battle, but even with that, will it be enough to beat a fighter like Mijares?

The only way I can see Darchinyan winning this fight is by landing a bomb and catching Mijares flush, but that will be difficult to do against a guy who uses angles and foot speed to avoid punches as Mijares does so graciously, Vic must get close, if he fights from a distance, it will be a long frustrating night, he will be countered continuously. Mijares wants to stay back and keep out of range, he will make Darchinyan miss, attempt a counter and be out of harms way all in one motion, if he decides to stand and fight, he can still getter the better of the two due to head movement and sharp punching, but you won’t see much of that from this little big guy, he is a master boxer who will (I believe) be too much for Darchinyan to handle.

Vic is a strong fighter, he hits hard, he will be in the fight until the end, watch for that right hand Mijares, it’ll getcha if you’re not careful!!

I think Darchinyan will be respected for the first half of the bout, that’s when he’ll be most dangerous, he is definitely a power puncher and will always have that puncher’s chance, but as the fight progresses, Mijares will warm up and begin to take control of the bout, with pure volume and punch accuracy, Mijares will discourage Vic and he will comfortably coast his way to a unanimous decision win.

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