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The Ghost Buster

Posted by beeshabo on October 30, 2008

On Saturday October 18th, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins showed the boxing world why he is one of the best boxers of all time, putting forth a clinical performance to hand Kelly Pavlik his first professional loss, WOW!!.

From the opening bell, Hopkins took immediate control of the action, firing off combinations and landing at will, he was not only beating Pavlik to the punch, but he was actually hurting him, he was busting him up and making him look ameaturish. It was amazing to see this old guy whoop on this young hungry champion, Pavlik had no answer for anything Hopkins did, it was pretty bad, there was a point in the fight where you thought that Hopkins would actually stop Pavlik, it was that bad. Credit to Bernard for taking this fight after so many turned it down, Pavlik is a huge puncher with an iron will, but the only thing Pavlik was allowed to display that night was his will, as he took numerous hard blows by the legend over and over again, but he kept coming forward, never given a chance to land his own punches, the Ghost was dominated.

Since this bout, I’ve been searching my favorite boxing forums, and there are a lot of people turning their backs on Kelly, just after his first defeat, but let’s face it, Pavlik didn’t lose to a nobody, nor a B level fighter, he lost to a living legend, a boxer of many styles, a rugged veteran who knows how to win. Also I see a whole lot from the Hopkins fans, begging that Hopkins be awarded a rematch with the last man to beat him, Joe Calzaghe, and all claim that the outcome would be very different, that if Hopkins would fight Calzaghe in the same style, he would destroy the Welshmen, but I respectfully disagree, and I will tell you why.

Okay, taking nothing away from Hopkins’ effort in his bout with Calzaghe, he made it close and debatable to some, he is without a doubt a great fighter, but he will never beat a man with Calzaghe’s style, it is just not well suited for a boxer like Hopkins. Most fighters are generalized by style, you have the banger’s, the slicksters, the boxers and the technicians. Many fighters do not acquire the all around skills to be considered a complete fighter, with of course the exception of a few, it’s just virtually impossible to have the x-factor and be able to showcase such a wide variety of traits and skill, there usually is a hole in every great fighters game, but it takes a certain style to expose it. Hopkins is the type of fighter that relies on his experience to execute a precise game plan to defeat his foe, if he has a plodding banger coming forward, he usually mutes their offense using his own offense as defense, he doesn’t lay back and let the banger hit him, he uses their aggression against them, as he did to Pavlik and Felix Trinidad, both straight forward brawlers exposed by the crafty Hopkins. Calzaghe on the other hand is a more polished boxer with superior hand speed, he doesn’t come straight forward, but uses a rather large amount of angles and footwork to work around one’s defense, Hopkins knowing that he would not be able to match Calzaghe’s hand speed and punch output, used a more defensive strategy against Calzaghe, simply trying to counter the Welshmen rather than to stand in the center of the ring and let his fists fly, that would only open him up for counters and leads by the quick Clazaghe.

I don’t understand why so many think that a Hopkins victory is easily envisioned in a rematch, it will be the same fight, no way does Hopkins come out and throw that many punches (as he did with Pavlik) against Calzaghe, he’s not that dumb, Calzaghe is fast and packs a decent punch, if in fact Hopkins was to attempt a more offensive approach, I can easily see him getting beat by an even wider margin, Calzaghe is just too good.

Who will Hopkins fight next?

Stay tuned….


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