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Vazquez and Marquez: They Have Given Us Enough!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 6, 2008


There is still much talk about the epic battles between Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez, how can we ever forget, the most recent rivalry in boxing that produced three of the best fights in history, these two men spilled their guts and hearts out for us to watch, they battled through hell to show us what they were made of, it was the most amazing display of skill, will and guts that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. With all that Vazquez and Marquez have given us while sharing the ring together, there are still talks about them meeting again sometime next year for a fourth time, now, Is a fourth bout really necessary? What can a fourth fight produce that the other three haven’t?

In their three wars, Vazquez and Marquez produced enough action to put Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies to shame, both fighters have given us more than we can wish for, after such courageous efforts by both men, How can we, as human beings and boxing fans, Demand More? That is just wrong, they will be sacrificing themselves for us, they were clearly made for each other, their styles are perfectly suited for greatness, greatness that they have already produced, we know they have what it takes, let us show us in other ways.

With so many other possible match-ups in the 122lb division for either man, it would be a shame to see them waste themselves away on each other, imagine a fight between Vazquez and Ponce De Leon, or Marquez vs Juan Manuel Lopez, either of those fight would be huge, and both are capable of winning. I am going to keep this entry short, there is not much one can say about these two men that we don’t already know, let’s just hope that they enjoyed their nice long rest, let’s hope they come back to face the best at 122, let’s hope they reach new heights by taking on other great fighters, they do not need to fight again, we know enough.

To Vazquez and Marquez, Thank you so much for giving us all that you have, you guys are truly great.


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