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Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones: Overview and Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 7, 2008


Tomorrow night, we will witness two of the best fighters take the grand stage, Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr., a clash of two all time greats, fighting for the Light Heavyweight Title, it should be a good one. Or so we hope.

Although this fight seems as if it could be a good one, you can’t help but to think that this bout is also way past dude, Jones, for one is not the fighter he once was, in his prime his skills were un-matched, he was incredibly fast and powerful, he was a mystery. Once the best pound for pound fighter on the plant, is now a challenger attempting to work his way back to the top, coming off of a not so impressive win against a blown up Tito Trinidad in January, some feel Jones no longer has the desire to perform, but rather coast his way to decision wins, Can a Motivated Jones beat a man like Calzaghe at this stage in his career?

Calzaghe on the other hand is arguably the best fighter in the world today, with a professional record of 45 and 0, Calzaghe is a beautiful fighter, winning every bout with his unorthodox style and massive punch output, and not to mention deceptive power, Calzaghe now attempts to add another legend to his list of victims and retire as an undefeated champion in two weight classes. Throughout his career (and even now), Calzaghe was thought of as a protected European fighter, and one who built his record on nobodies or ex champions looking for a payday, fighting only on his home turf, Calzaghe was constantly criticized for seemingly avoiding the American fighters. His opportunity to silence those critics came the day he signed to fight the up and coming Jeff Lacy, an undefeated powerhouse out to take claim as the best Super Middleweight in the world. In that fight, Calzaghe put on a boxing clinic, absolutely destroying Lacy in 12 brutal rounds, Lacy, known as a huge puncher was beaten and battered, he was humiliated, I for one, have never seen such a dominant performance in a championship bout, Lacy looked like an amateur, and Calzaghe had made his point, he is the best Super Middleweight. Since then, Calzaghe has been more of a name in boxing, no longer a “protected” European fighter, Calzaghe continues to beat the best, he out classed a strong puncher in Mikkel Kessler, and a legend in Bernard Hopkins, next up is Jones, can Calzaghe defy the odds once more?


This fight just like so many others this year is a tough one to call, both men are superb athletes, both have been wanting this fight, and it is finally here, who can win it?

I think it is possible for either fighter to win, Calzaghe is unlike any other fighter you will ever see, but so is Roy Jones, both have their strengths, but as we know, only one has a weakness, that would Jones, as Calzaghe has yet to taste defeat, therefore he is still a puzzle one must figure out in order to beat. The first half of the bout will belong to Calzaghe, with his pressure and punch volume, I see Jones laying back a bit and relying on counter punching at this time, but towards the later rounds, Jones will turn it up and come out attacking, fighting in spurts early, Jones will have great moments late in the bout. Calzaghe must throw power punches, he must gain respect, and he must do from the first round on, Jones may want this fight in the middle of ring, but not be too aggressive, Calzaghe has great success when fighters attack, Jones must circle and keep his hands high, because Calzaghe has excellent speed and he throws from odd angles. It will definitely be a close bout, Calzaghe will be hurt in this fight, but there will not be much to worry about because Jones is no longer a finisher, Calzaghe will come back strong and dominate the same round. Jones will make it much more interesting than most think, but he can make it too interesting for himself, by staying in punching range and engaging Calzaghe, you never know, Jones may wind up on his trunks, who knows.

Calzaghe by Unanimous Decision.


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