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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on February 27, 2009


Tomorrow night, Juan Manuel Marquez takes on “The Baby Bull” Juan Diaz in a lightweight championship bout. Marquez became the Lineal Lightweight Champion when he knocked out the rock solid Joel Casamayor back in September of last year, he now attempts to add two more Lightweight belts to his credit by attempting to defeat, the once beaten Juan Diaz.

This should be a very entertaining fight, both men have tremendous boxing skills, both come to perform, and above all, both come to win. In his last outing, Marquez got a chance to win a title in his third weight class when he stepped into the ring against slick southpaw, Joel Casamayor, Marquez looked sensational, he seemed to be a much sturdier fighter at 135lbs, he was stronger, sharper, and by knocking out a fighter who had never been stopped before, he seemed more powerful. Now that Marquez has become the #1 lightweight in the world, he aims to fight the best out there, and that’s exactly what he’ll be getting tomorrow night when he faces the non-stop Juan Diaz. Since losing for the first time in his career to veteran Nate Campbell, Juan Diaz rebounded with an impressive win over hard hitting Michael Katsidis, in that fight, Diaz looked incredible with his offense, and even better with his renewed defense, slipping punches and landing his own, he now looks to become the best lightweight in the world by attempting to dethrone Marquez.

What a tough fight to call, I mean, it’s hard to pick, I really like Marquez in this fight, but Diaz is no slouch, he comes full throttle and he wants this win more than ever. I think both actually have a good shot at winning, like I’ve said in plenty of my past predictions, this fight will come down to who can execute their gameplan and throw the other off his.

Here are my keys to victory for both fighters.

Juan Manuel Marquez:

Use the jab – Diaz is a come forward type of fighter who wants to pressure you, if Marquez wants any shot of winning this one, he must establish his jab and keep it going, an absent jab means a closer Diaz.

Use Angles – Although Juan Diaz himself uses angles very well, he can be thrown off balance by stepping to his side after you fire off a combination, Nate Campbell used this technique, and it served him very well. Marquez can jab – right hand then circle away.

Attack The Body In his fight with Nate Campbell, Diaz seemed to have slowed down a bit after Campbell attacked the body for a few round, Diaz indeed takes a good shot to the head, but he can definitely be weakened if Marquez throws in a body shot every now and then.

Juan Diaz:

Use Pressure – Marquez is a master boxer who loves to control the pace of a bout, that’s when he can set traps and land his punches with better precision, if Diaz can keep the pressure on Marquez, it will keep Marquez from thinking and worried more about staying away.

Stay Busy – Diaz is not known as a power puncher, he’s a fighter who uses and abundance of punches to wear his opponents down, he’s done it in the past to beat good punchers like Acelino Frietas and in his most recent bout with Katsidis. The more time Diaz spends laying back and waiting, the less chance he has of winning.

Box Don’t Brawl – Diaz possess great boxing skills, he’s fast and throws great combinations, but because of his lack of power, he can’t stand and trade with the powerful Marquez, he must stay busy and box. Marquez has the edge in power, by a lot, Diaz must be cautious at all times.

I really can’t say who will be the victor in this bout, all I can say, is it will be a good one. I will be rooting for Marquez ALL the way, but a Diaz win won’t be that surprising.

Stay Tuned……….


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