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The Hitman vs The Pacman: Tale of the Tape & Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on May 1, 2009


Okay folks, tomorrow, two of the best fighters in the world collide head to head in a battle for Super Lightweight Supremecy, Filipino icon and boxings #1 P4P fighter Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao attempts to dethrone the once beaten Jr. Welterweight kingpin Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton. This is what boxing is all about, the best fighting the best, and in this case, it’s also the East vs West, what a sport.

This is by far the best fight that can be made at the moment, certainly some would argue that a fight between Filipino great Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. would serve as a much better boxing match between the former P4P Champ and the Current P4P Champ. Instead, there are talks of Money Mayweather coming out of his year and half retirement to face Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez, that will tie Mayweather up (as well as Marquez) for possibly the remainder of the year, so, we may be looking at late this year or early next year to see Pacquiao take on the undefeated Mayweather, it is certainly a fight we all wish will happen, and with both fighters being so good at putting cheeks in seats, it just might happen sooner than later. But for now, we point our attention to this weekends battle of Jr. Welterweights, I am not going to spend much time disecting their careers or their accomplishments, I’ve read dozens of articles regarding these two in past few weeks, I’m ready to just give my opinion and normal prediction, so, with one man being the king of the division, and the other being the king of boxing, Who wins?

Well, let’s get to it..shall we

Okay, I am going to be honest, I am not the biggest Manny Pacquiao fan, and I’m not even that into Ricky Hatton either, nothing against the two, they’re very good fighters, I just don’t get that chilling suspense when either of them are preparing for a fight, unless of course, it’s against one of my favorite fighters. But, we’re not anticipating either of them facing another fighter, they’re actually facing each other, which definitely has the boxing world buzzing, and I myself, am pretty anxious to see these two warriors go at it, it just has the potential to be a mind blowing affair and one that will be talked about for years. Both guys are at their peak, more so for Pacman, but Hatton too, isn’t far from his best, he only has lost one time as a pro, and that was against the former P4P Champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Since then, Hatton has back to back wins,  one being more important than the other, but none the less, he’s been on the winning end, and hopes to win again this weekend. Pacquiao has not lost since March of 2005, when he was out boxed by future Hall Of Famer, Erik Morales, but since then, Manny has been on a winning streak, with two of those wins being against his former conqueror, Erik Morales. Since the first Morales fight, Manny Pacquiao has developed into much more of a complete fighter, combining amazing hand speed, power, boxing skills and and iron will to win, improving his over all abilites to not only win his fights, but to become what he is now, the current #1 P4P Fighter, what an accomplishment.

Rarely do I think both combatants have a chance to win, but this is definitely one of them. I will post my Keys To Victory for both fighters.\

Keys To Victory for: Ricky Hatton

–          Use Head Movement: This is the most important key to victory for Ricky Hatton, because like Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao is a very sharp puncher with good power, he can easily draw Ricky into a shot that can cause him serious trouble. To avoid this, Hatton needs to move his head, when either in close or from a distance, in moving his head, Hatton will create the kind of movement that can mute some of Manny’s offense, and because of Hatton’s power, Manny will not commit to punches he does not feel he will land, that will give Hatton more breathing room.

–          Attack The Body: Manny Pacquiao has a great chin, it has been tested against the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez, and it has held up very well, have only been slightly wobbled by Morales and Marquez. But, no one has ever really tested his body, something Ricky Hatton should intend on doing, because, at 140lbs, no one can land to the body the way Ricky Hatton does, when he lands, it hurts, and if he can land with great frequency to Manny’s mid section, we may get to witness Manny’s 3rd KO loss.

–          Keep the Jab and Double Jab Going: Hatton is a brawler by nature, he applies pressure and at times is overly aggressive, approaching Pacquiao in the manner can result in another loss. Ricky must attempt to box a bit more, some feel he should muscle his way in and bully Manny around, but I think that Hatton must jab at Pacquiao, because in the past, Manny has never done well fighting on his heels, he is a type of figher who needs forward motion to make the most of his attack, if Ricky can jab and double jab at Manny’s face, he can create openings for his hooks and straight right hands, along with keeping Manny blinded and on his heels.

–          Throw The Left Hook: The typical punch an othordox fighter uses against a southpaw is a straight right hand, but in this fight, I feel a Left Hook would be far more effective. Reason being is that Manny has mastered the art of throwing his lead left hand and circling away before his opponent can fire back, if Hatton can keep the jab going and time Manny with his Left Hook, I feel it is a punch that will land, and one that can cause Manny lots of problems.

Keys To Victory for: Manny Pacquiao

–          Keep Moving: Like a lot of successful boxers, Manny has found that if he stays on his toes and keeps his legs moving, he becomes a much harder target to time and find, in the past, Manny was much more of a stationary fighter, he had great confidence in his power and hardly ever took a step back, he would contantly engage his opponents into a slug fest, something that always fell in his favor because of his fighting spirit and brawling tactics . But, since he’s moved up in weight, Manny has transformed into much more of a ‘boxer’, springing in and out while landing accurately in the process, against smaller fighters, Manny can stay in the trenches and exchange toe to toe, against bigger fighters (Diaz, De La Hoya), Manny has used his foot speed to his advantage, this is something he must do to keep Hatton reaching and missing.

–          Attack The Body: In boxing, most feel that a boxers best punch, is usually a punch that can be effectively used against him, that notion can defintely be applied here. Ricky Hatton is the best body puncher at 140lbs, and arguably, the best body puncher in boxing today, he’s lethal with hooks to the body, just ask Castillo. If Manny Pacquiao can land his own body punches, he can do what only one other fighter has been able to do, which was slow Hatton down and use pin point head shots to put an end to the bout. Manny would be smart to keep a sustained attack to Hatton’s flattened beer belly.

–          Throw The Straight Left: Manny’s best punch is none other than his straight left, from the southpaw stance, Manny throws this punch with pin point accuracy, it almost always lands, whether it be used as a lead punch or a counter punch, it’s very effective. The best chane of Manny landing the punch with great frequency, is to throw it as a counter punch rather than a lead punch, because unilke Diaz or De La Hoya, Hatton is much quicker in delivering his punches, if Manny opens up with a lead left at the wrong time, he can be countered, his best bet is to allow Hatton to miss and counter him with the straight left.

–          Throw The Right Hook: In the De La Hoya fight, Pacquiao used a punch we have never really seen him use, it was the Right Hook to the head and body, it did wonders for him while circling away to avoid punches. Hatton’s jab is often used as a blinder, and at times, it falls short, Manny hopes this is the case more often then not, if Hatton’s jab falls short, Manny can really land that Right Hook.

That is the end of this post, not much of a prediction is it? But I can’t help it, this is a tough fight to call. I can care less who wins, both have a great chance..I just hope it’s a good fight!! Until next time….stay tuned


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