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I’m Back: Mayweather vs Marquez Thoughts; Klitschko vs Arreola Over-View

Posted by beeshabo on September 25, 2009


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I’ve been busy with other stuff…anyway, I’m talking as if anyone even really reads my blogs, but hey, you never know..Right?

Well, I’ll start off with the recent “Big Fight”, which was Marquez’s first trip up to Welterweight when he squared off with returning, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Well, I didn’t give Marquez much of a chance to be quite honest with you, the chips were stacked against him, he was moving up in weight (2 weight classes to be exact), he was noticeably the smaller man when the bell rang. Although Mayweather put on an awesome display of his skills, it wasn’t an impressive victory, he was fighting a lightweight, not to mention that Floyd didn’t even have the decency to weigh in at the contracted/agreed weight of 144lbs, coming in at 146lbs to Marquez’s 142lbs. Marquez did his best, like always, but unfortunately it was not enough to compete with the clever Mayweather. What’s next for Floyd? Mosley? Not a chance, it’s going to be the winner of the Cotto/Pacquiao fight…..Ooohhh!!!

Now, on to my post, tomorrow night at the Staples Center, unbeaten Heavyweight hopeful Cristobal Arreola will take on the monstrous Vitali Klitschko in a Heavyweight bout for Vitali’s WBC Title. If Arreola can defy the odds (considered by experts to be a 7-1 underdog, WOW) and pull off the upset, he will become the FIRST Heavyweight Champion of Mexican descent in boxing history, now that would be an honor for the crowd pleasing slugger. But, Can he do it?

I for one, give Chris a very good chance at winning this, most feel his soft body will be the reason, but I don’t think so, your body doesn’t win you fights, it’s your skills and your mind that does, and Chris is pretty well schooled. Supported by a good ameature background, Arreola has a solid ring IQ, combined with one punch KO power, and with that, he becomes a threat to ANY Heavyweight, if you ask me, some/most don’t agree, but that’s okay. Since his return to the ring after a 4 year break from the ring (due to injuries), Vitali returned to current form in stopping Sam Peter inside the distance to win the WBC title, following that with a fairly impressive TKO win over once beaten Juan Carlos Gomez to retain his Heavyweight crown. After only 2 fights since his return to the ring, Vitali takes what I call a tough test, reason being, I believe Arreola is something Vitali hasn’t seen in a while, Arreola is big, strong and packs a mean punch. Arreola might not be as experienced as Vitali, but he knows enough to make this fight competitive, and might just have enough to win it, who knows. Only thing that worries me, is Arreola’s poor defense, he does get hit a lot, as was dropped two fights ago by Travis Walker, although Arreola dusted himself off in route to a third round KO victory, some questioned his ability to take a punch, but why? he did what was expected of him, he won, and in spectacular fashion..I see nothing wrong with a little give and take. But not in this fight, a give and take affair could spell disaster for the Mexican, but he’s more than willing, and I’m more than excited to watch. I still feel that Vitali has the upper hand in this bout, he’s bigger, possibly stronger and has a superb KO ratio, having stopped 36 of his 37 opponents, WOW!! Still, this is boxing, and anything can happen, especially with two Heavyweight sluggers, I will pulling for Chris all the way, but I can definitely see Vitali being too much for him, we’ll soon find out.
I can’t pick a winner, both are good and both want to win…’ll come down to who lands the first solid punch! Believe that.


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Arturo Gatti: R.I.P Champ

Posted by beeshabo on September 8, 2009

I was deeply saddened when I found out that our beloved ring warrior Arturo Gatti had been taken from us, it definitley hurt, but he can now live in a better place. There’s nothing really more to say about Arturo Gatti that hasn’t already been said, he was one of a kind, he brought excitement to the sport of boxing each and every time he stepped in that squared circle, he was an animal, a balls out warrior. He will FOREVER be missed. R.I.P Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti. We love you!


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