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Miguel Cotto vs Manny Pacquio: Overview and Somewhat of a Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 13, 2009

Pacman vs Cotto

Okay fight fans, here we go again, Manny Pacquiao is at it again, fighting a bigger, stronger man in Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto, what a fight this could turn out to be, HERE WE GO!

Okay, I want to start off by explaining my thoughts on the #1 P4P fighter, Manny Pacquiao, I am a huge fan of good fights, I mean, who isn’t right? and Manny ALWAYS gives us good fights, I’ll never forget his destruction of Barrera, his three epic battles with Erik Morales, or his two very close action packed fights with Juan Manuel Marquez, they were all amazing in their own way. Since losing to Erik Morales in their first encounter back in 2005, Manny Pacquiao has made a name for himself by beating everyone put in front of him, and most of the guys were NOT supposed to lose, that’s the main thing. I always knew Manny was a good fighter, but I think my vision was clouded from the jump, I felt he beat Barrera when Barrera wasn’t at his best, yes he was ranked much higher than Pacman, but with all the distractions surrounding Barrera leading up to the fight, I felt it was a bad time for the fight, and it showed, Pacquiao pummeled Barrera in route to a TKO victory. I’m not totally trying to discredit Pacman’s win, it was a good one, but that wasn’t the Marco Antonio Barrera we’ve grown to love, he was out of it, his heart just wasn’t there, he didn’t want to fight, all credit to Pacman for taking advantage of that, but it just wasn’t a good time for Barrera. In his next fight, Pacquiao was matched against the underrated (at the time) Juan Manuel Marquez, this was supposed to be Marquez’s time to shine, he was given the chance to fight his way out of the shadows of his fellow countrymen, Barrera and Morales, and that chance nearly slipped in the opening round. Marquez was caught cold by Pacman’s left hand and down he went, on shaky legs, he fought back, but was dropped two more times before the round could end. From the second round on, Marquez had his man figured out, he was totally outboxing Pacquiao, virtually on his way to victory. When the scorecards were read, people were in shock to hear that the fight had been ruled a draw, most (myself included) felt Marquez had won, after the first round, he controlled the pace, landed the cleaner hard shots and at times he made Pacquiao look like an ameature.

Since then, Manny has fought the likes of David Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, beating each one in dominant fashion. He stopped all three men in three different weight classes, that’s got to count for something right? Right! But even then, there’s still some things critics like to point out, I for one, love to. After fighting Marquez for the second time last year, Manny made the jump up to Lightweight to face David Diaz, who clearly was NOT the best belt holder in that weight division at that time, so, you could say that Pacquiao chose the “easier” route to a Lightweight belt. Then, he made another huge leap from Lightweight up to Welterweight to fight a faded Oscar De La Hoya, I will be the first to say that I felt Oscar would beat Manny, I thought Oscar was just too big and would be too experienced for the mighty Pacman, BOY was I ever wrong, Pacquiao put the whoopin on Oscar and earned himself a very solid 8th round TKO victory. But even then, Oscar wasn’t even close to being one of the best Welterweights, he hadn’t even fought at that weight since 2001 when he fought Arturo Gatti (R.I.P), and it showed greatly. Oscar was a shell of himself, he came into the bout looking physically depleted, he had nothing left, but, again, let’s give Manny credit for doing what he was supposed to, which was to win, and he did. The one fight I give Pacquiao tremendous credit for was win over Manchester’s Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton, Pacman destroyed the game Hatton in 2 one-sided rounds, and this fight took place in Hatton’s division, 140lbs, a weight division in which Hatton was undefeated, having beat some of the Jr. Welterweights in boxing, and Manny walked right through him, now that, was impressive.

That leads us into tomorrow’s fight, where Pacquio will once again try and make history, being the first boxer to have won his 7th title in a record 7th weight division, wow! Even still, Pacquiao and his camp have tried whatever they can to give a slight advantage to the #1 P4P fighter by NOT allowing Cotto to weigh in at the Welterweight limit of 147lbs, instead, they asked Cotto to weigh in no more than 145lbs, for a title fight? Now, does that seem right? NO. Is it fair? Doesn’t sound like it, yet Cotto obliged. I’m not saying that it’s totally wrong, but it’s questionable, how can one fighter bend the rules in his favor, I guess when you’re name is Manny Pacquiao, you can. I still think this will be a great fight, and props to both fighters for agreeing to it, I just wish Freddie Roach would stop trying to find ways for his fighter to get every bit of an advantage, it’s either than, or it’s just mind games, one or the other.

Anyways, let’s just be happy we’re getting such a great fight huh? Yes! Here we go

Okay, I’ve done a lot of thinking and I tried to envision the fight in my head, and boy it’s a tough one to call. Both men are great, but only one man can win. Who will it be?
I can’t even get into details, this is an even fight, Cotto is bigger and stronger, Manny is faster, but to be honest, I think it’s going to come down to who can implement their gameplan as their opponent dishes out their best. This is what I mean.

Can Cotto maintain his gameplan as Manny unleashes lightening fast combos?

Or, Can Manny maintain his gameplan as Cotto lands his best shot?

That’s the whole thing right there, both have the tools to beat the other guy, it’s down to who can use the tools ALL night long.

The answer……we’ll soon find out!

Sorry, I just can’t make a solid prediction on this one. Gotta wait and see


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