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Mosley vs Mayweather: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on April 30, 2010

Hey, I’m back, it’s been a while….been busy making music, it takes a lot of time to express yourself while trying to keep it artistic and poetic, I’ve been practicing, I hope to be very good one day.

Anyways, on to boxing, one of my many passions, this Saturday, May 1st, Floyd “Money” Mayweather FINALLY takes a step up to face the hungry “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Boy, what a fight this could be eh? This is the first time Mayweather’s will be in a bout that I am extremely eager to see, it’s probably because he’s fighting my P-Town home boy, Shane Mosley. Well, I’m very excited, and most boxing fans are, we finally get to see what Floyd can do against a naturally bigger, strong and possibly faster opponent. I for one, don’t really believe that Mosley is faster than Mayweather, he might be on par, but to say he’s definitely faster would be wrong (IMO). But we do know that Mosley is indeed bigger and stronger than Mayweather, that is a fact, not to mention, Mosley is a bit more experienced due to the fact that Mosley has had to deal with adversity and losses, Floyd, simply has not. Credit must be given to Floyd for never having to be in a situation where he was forced to deal with adversity, but, then again, since leaving the 135lb division, Mayweather has yet to face someone who can possibly present that situation.

Okay, on to my prediction because I do got to get back to writing some lyrics, and I was in a zone Lol. I want to start off by saying that in my heart, Mosley wins this, I think he’s more than capable, he’s big, strong, fast, powerful and he shows up to fight (and win of course) each time out, can’t say the same about Floyd. Most would say that I’m a Mayweather “hater”, but I’m not, the man has tremendous skills, he’s looked like magic in the past, there is no arguing his level of skill and ring IQ, he’s as good as they can come, I just wish he would fight better opposition, it’s that simple. In this fight, Floyd has every advantage except for power, Mosley has the edge there, hands down. But in all other areas, Mayweather has shown to have more, his defense is the best in the business, his hand speed is incredible, his timing can nullify any opponent and he has great ring generalship, it’s safe to say, Mosley will have his hands full come May 1st. Having said that, I do believe Mosley can win this one, he’s been there done that in terms of situations, he’s seen it all, and he’s beaten most of the men he’s faced, his losses came to big rangy boxers who could box, Floyd can box, but he’s not big nor rangy, this bolds well for Mosley. I’m not going to get too into this who prediction thing, most of what I’m saying (and planned on saying) has been said. So, in the end, I see Mayweather winning via UD, of course, I want Mosley to show the world why the 40 who’ve tried have failed in beating Mayweather, and he sure can.


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