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Check Me Out

Hey guys,
My name is Christopher Banuelos, I am a 25 year old Graphic Designer from Pomona California, born and raised in East Los Angeles California, lived with my family and moved out Pomona at the age of 9. I like to draw, write and hang out with close friends and family, I spend a lot of my leisure time watching boxing, I have my own collection of great fights that I had the opportunity to watch and record. I’ve been into Boxing for many years, and I’ve studied it for a long time and I know the sport very well, I chose to post up my blogs because of my deep interests and secret desire to write my thoughts on the wonderful sport of BOXING. I hope you enjoy my writing!!!


3 Responses to “Check Me Out”

  1. missnanis said

    If you only knew how proud I am to have a friend-skee like you. Congrats on your page!!

  2. termdefined said

    We’re Conspiracy Factualists. 🙂 Best of luck on the new page.

  3. bogen28 said

    Excellent blog chris.You really know what your doing.

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