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I’m Back: Mayweather vs Marquez Thoughts; Klitschko vs Arreola Over-View

Posted by beeshabo on September 25, 2009


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I’ve been busy with other stuff…anyway, I’m talking as if anyone even really reads my blogs, but hey, you never know..Right?

Well, I’ll start off with the recent “Big Fight”, which was Marquez’s first trip up to Welterweight when he squared off with returning, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Well, I didn’t give Marquez much of a chance to be quite honest with you, the chips were stacked against him, he was moving up in weight (2 weight classes to be exact), he was noticeably the smaller man when the bell rang. Although Mayweather put on an awesome display of his skills, it wasn’t an impressive victory, he was fighting a lightweight, not to mention that Floyd didn’t even have the decency to weigh in at the contracted/agreed weight of 144lbs, coming in at 146lbs to Marquez’s 142lbs. Marquez did his best, like always, but unfortunately it was not enough to compete with the clever Mayweather. What’s next for Floyd? Mosley? Not a chance, it’s going to be the winner of the Cotto/Pacquiao fight…..Ooohhh!!!

Now, on to my post, tomorrow night at the Staples Center, unbeaten Heavyweight hopeful Cristobal Arreola will take on the monstrous Vitali Klitschko in a Heavyweight bout for Vitali’s WBC Title. If Arreola can defy the odds (considered by experts to be a 7-1 underdog, WOW) and pull off the upset, he will become the FIRST Heavyweight Champion of Mexican descent in boxing history, now that would be an honor for the crowd pleasing slugger. But, Can he do it?

I for one, give Chris a very good chance at winning this, most feel his soft body will be the reason, but I don’t think so, your body doesn’t win you fights, it’s your skills and your mind that does, and Chris is pretty well schooled. Supported by a good ameature background, Arreola has a solid ring IQ, combined with one punch KO power, and with that, he becomes a threat to ANY Heavyweight, if you ask me, some/most don’t agree, but that’s okay. Since his return to the ring after a 4 year break from the ring (due to injuries), Vitali returned to current form in stopping Sam Peter inside the distance to win the WBC title, following that with a fairly impressive TKO win over once beaten Juan Carlos Gomez to retain his Heavyweight crown. After only 2 fights since his return to the ring, Vitali takes what I call a tough test, reason being, I believe Arreola is something Vitali hasn’t seen in a while, Arreola is big, strong and packs a mean punch. Arreola might not be as experienced as Vitali, but he knows enough to make this fight competitive, and might just have enough to win it, who knows. Only thing that worries me, is Arreola’s poor defense, he does get hit a lot, as was dropped two fights ago by Travis Walker, although Arreola dusted himself off in route to a third round KO victory, some questioned his ability to take a punch, but why? he did what was expected of him, he won, and in spectacular fashion..I see nothing wrong with a little give and take. But not in this fight, a give and take affair could spell disaster for the Mexican, but he’s more than willing, and I’m more than excited to watch. I still feel that Vitali has the upper hand in this bout, he’s bigger, possibly stronger and has a superb KO ratio, having stopped 36 of his 37 opponents, WOW!! Still, this is boxing, and anything can happen, especially with two Heavyweight sluggers, I will pulling for Chris all the way, but I can definitely see Vitali being too much for him, we’ll soon find out.
I can’t pick a winner, both are good and both want to win…’ll come down to who lands the first solid punch! Believe that.


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Arturo Gatti: R.I.P Champ

Posted by beeshabo on September 8, 2009

I was deeply saddened when I found out that our beloved ring warrior Arturo Gatti had been taken from us, it definitley hurt, but he can now live in a better place. There’s nothing really more to say about Arturo Gatti that hasn’t already been said, he was one of a kind, he brought excitement to the sport of boxing each and every time he stepped in that squared circle, he was an animal, a balls out warrior. He will FOREVER be missed. R.I.P Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti. We love you!


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Marquez vs Mayweather: Way To Go Marquez!!!!

Posted by beeshabo on June 2, 2009


Since retiring after his 10th round KO win over then undefeated Ricky Hatton, Floyd Mayweather has kept somewhat quiet, clearly basking in his hard earned wealth and taking time to enjoy life out of the boxing ring, and who can blame him. After spending more than half of his life training and competing at the highest level, Floyd Mayweather announced to the boxing world that he is stepping away from the sport, claiming he no longer loved boxing, and that his career had finally came to an end and would retire as an undefeated P4P champion, but did we really believe him? The answer is easy, NO. Of course some level of respect must be given to a man who had committed years of his life to such a demanding sport, but It was hard to think a fighter with his talent and perfected craft could end his career when it had finally reached the pinnacle of the sport, with that said, it was just a matter of time before he would be lacing them up again.

Since the retirement of Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao has fought his way to the #1 spot atop the P4P rankings, with wins over Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, Pacquiao is a storm headed for greatness and has solidified his claim as boxing’s best.  Although many would argue (myself included) that Pacquiao failed to convincingly beat Juan Manuel Marquez, it has been written in the history books that Manny Pacquiao holds one draw and one win over the Mexican Great, but, history also tells us that a third and final match would indeed, settle the score, after all, how else will we ever know who is actually better? We won’t. Since their epic battle in March of 2008, Juan Manuel Marquez followed Pacquiao up to the Lightweight division, scoring impressive KO victories over then #1 Lightweight Joel Casamayor, and former Lightweight powerhouse Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz. Marquez proved he was not only the best Lightweight in the world, but one of boxing’s best, period. Marquez worked his way up to #2 P4P with two well deserved wins and an iron will to fight anyone, anywhere. In a post fight interview with Max Kellerman, following his 9th round destruction of Juan Diaz, Marquez expressed his frustration with Pacquiao, stating that since the Filipino did/does not want to fight with him again, he will move on to fight who he felt was the best of the best, that man being none other than, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (who of course was retired at the time). In the following month, news spread through the boxing forums that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was ready to dance again and was looking for a partner, how convenient, Right? Right.  On May 2nd 2009, after a short lived retirement, Floyd Mayweather Jr. officially announced his return to the sport, with millions to be earned and a legacy to protect, Mayweather returned to face Pacquiao’s rival, Juan Manuel Marquez.

As much as I hate this matchup for Marquez, I’m glad to see that he is doing very well for himself, he had spent many years in the shadows of his fellow countrymen greats, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. But since the decline of those two warriors, Marquez has reached a level in the sport that he and many felt would be nothing but a dream, but he has managed to work hard and bag a fight with one of the current ‘Money Makers’ of the sport, set to make a stand on a grand stage, against an undefeated fighter who is considered to be one of the most gifted boxers to ever lace up a pair of gloves..Way to go Marquez!!!

I am a huge Maruqez, I love his heart and determinatino, this article is in now way meant to take  away from Manny Pacquiao, he is indeed a great fighter, his win over Ricky Hatton proved to me that he is a force in boxing and has a chance against anyone, but I’m also a realist, I don’t watch fights or write articles wearing ‘fan blinders’, I see things for what they are. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are EQUALS, we have yet to find out who is the better fighter, the first fight was a draw, the second fight was a one point win for Pacquiao, and it was such a close fight, that it could have gone either way, Pacquiao can on to defeat more and more top notch competition, but until he convincingly defeats Marquez, they will always be each other’s equal.

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Manny Pacquiao Destroys Ricky Hatton in 2 One-Sided Rounds: Pacquiao is THE BEST, I’m convinced

Posted by beeshabo on May 4, 2009


First I would like to start off by congratulating Manny Pacquiao on a spectacular performance Saturday, he proved to me why he is the #1 P4P fighter in the sport, because since his debatable win against the always brave Juan Manuel Marquez in March of last year, Manny hasn’t really done much in my eyes to claim the #1 spot in the P4P rankings. Sure he has won his last 3 fights in 3 different weight divisions (130, 135 & 147), but they were not against “the best” the division had to offer. David Diaz, although a Title holder, was not the best Lightweight around, at the time Manny moved up from 130lbs to 135lbs, Nate Campbell and Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor were recognized as the two best Lightweights in the world, but Manny elected to face the not so dangerous David Diaz. In De La Hoya, we had a fighter who had not fought at the Welterweight limit in more than 7 years, and who had also only fought 4 times since losing to Bernard Hopkins in 2004, he was in no way the best at Welterweight, or the best in any division in boxing for that matter. Yes, I know, I picked De La Hoya to beat Pacquiao, I even had an article written on why I felt Oscar would win, but I really had no idea how making 147lbs would affect Oscar, but it indeed was the reason he fought so poorly, after seeing Oscar step into the ring the night he faced Pacquiao, I knew, it was over.

Even then, I still gave Manny the benefit of the doubt, the world felt he was the best, and how can I argue, I was simply waiting for a time that he could prove it to me, and boy, did he ever prove it so dramatically.

Hatton vs Pacquiao: My thoughts

I for one, did not know who would win the fight, both fighters possessed great skills, along with some weaknesses, it was just up to each of them to fight the perfect fight, and it so happened to be Pacquiao who not only stuck to his game plan, but executed is so perfectly, that he ultimately ended the fight, with the perfect punch.

Okay, it’s no secret that Manny Pacquiao has one of the best straight left hands in boxing, but no one really knew much about his right hook, but I did. In my keys to victory for Manny, I stated, “Hatton’s jab is often used as a blinder, and at times, it falls short, Manny hopes this is the case more often than not, if Hatton’s jab falls short, Manny can really land that Right Hook”, that’s pretty much what happened, although it was Hatton’s left hook that was telegraphed and continuously falling short, either way, Manny’s right hook was beautiful. In the opening round, Hatton’s game plan seemed to fly straight out the window, immediately resulting to his old mauling brawling style, keeping his head very stationery as he blitzed in with his hands low, the biggest mistake you can make against a tornado like Pacquiao, and Hatton paid the price, big time. Hatton was dropped in round one with a perfectly timed right hook, Hatton seemed shaken, but didn’t seem badly hurt. Hatton got up at the count of 8, with no skill or will to survive, Hatton once against stepped into the fire, Pacman again poured it on and dropped Hatton for the second time with 8 seconds left in the round. In round 2, Manny continued to time Hatton, landing right hooks and lead lefts anytime Hatton cocked his arms to fire, with 8 seconds left in the round, Manny landed the most perfect left cross anyone can ever land, and Hatton was put to sleep before even hitting the canvas, it was shocking.

With this win, Manny Pacquiao earned the #1, I mean,  it was a brilliant performance by the Filipino slugger, he completely annihilated Ricky Hatton, a fighter who was unbeaten at 140lbs, and Manny made it look easy.

What’s next for the Filipino sensation? ‘Money’ Mayweather?

Stay tuned……

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“The Dream Match” – Let’s just Accept It

Posted by beeshabo on November 17, 2008


In just a little under three weeks, “The Dream Match” becomes a reality, when Pound for Pound Champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao steps into the ring against one of boxing most beloved stars, “The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya, it’s a fight most don’t care too much about, there are plenty of other matches either man can pursue, but there is nothing we can do about it, it’s happening whether we like it or not.

This fight is without a doubt going to be the biggest fight of this year, it may even beat last years success of the snoozer that was De La Hoya/ Mayweather, mainly because of Pacquiao’s fan base, he literally has an entire island behind him, combined with Oscar’s own fame and popularity, this “Dream” match has the potential to be the biggest (money wise) fight in the history of the sport. But even with both combatant’s possessing outstanding draw power and boxing success, most boxing fans don’t care too much about this fight, and rightfully so, it’s the big guy versus the little guy, the old guy versus the young guy, and the list goes on and on, there are so many other fights out there for either man, so, Why this fight?

Well besides the money (Pacquiao will make his career’s biggest payday), it’s a fight EVERYONE will watch, it has “What If” written all over it, I mean, De La Hoya vs Pacquiao, who could’ve imagined, as much as we love to hate it, every single soul protesting against this fight will no doubt be glued to their seat, nervously awaiting the moment that very first bell rings. It’s a fight you would see taking place in a video game, but this is no game, this is real life, and these two will be in that ring together, exchanging punches, so let’s face it, as much as we all claim to hate this fight, we will all be watching. So since we have no choice but to accept that fact that this fight is happening, let’s just accept it, and enjoy it, with Pacquiao being the man sharing the ring with De La Hoya, I highly doubt it will be less than entertaining.

Stay tuned.

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De La Hoya vs Pacquiao: Bad For Boxing?

Posted by beeshabo on November 12, 2008


Okay, there was so much talk in last couple month or so of De La Hoya picking his opponent for his supposed “Last” fight, but everyone must remember, before the outstanding Cotto vs Margarito clash, De La Hoya went as far as to say that he would be willing to face the winner of that bout, his comments of this were intriguing, imagine, De La Hoya vs Cotto, or De La Hoya vs Margarito..??? either match could produce great action and suspense, and overall, a great fight. Well, moments after Margarito destroyed the once unbeaten Cotto, I knew deep inside that De La Hoya would run and hide, and just a I thought (and most did also), De La Hoya no longer showed interest in a fight with Margarito as he opted to “Search” for an opponent. But why search? The man you claimed you would face is right there, willing and able, I guess it was the performance that Margarito put forth that scared away the Golden Boy, the determination, the will, the power that De La Hoya would be so frightened to stare down at this stage in his career. Let’s face it, Margarito would put up a great fight against Oscar, he may win, he may not, that’s debatable, victory for Margarito is not guaranteed as De La Hoya is still well preserved and seemingly very sharp for his age. Oscar De La Hoya once was a fighter who ducked no one, he fought everyone, working his way up to the top (as most do) by beating one great fighter after another, But why won’t he fight Margarito?

Business point of View:

We all know that Oscar De La Hoya is one of the most beloved, popular, accomplished and successful boxers in history, he has done extremely well, with the help of Bob Arum and Top Rank early in his career, De La Hoya became a sensation, a Mexican American ICON and a boxing celebrity, everyone wanted to see him fight, he just had that essence in the ring, he had “It”. After his split with Top Rank, De La Hoya used his career acquired knowledge to form his own promotional company, Golden Boy Promotions, in which he has an increasing stable of excellent fighters, De La Hoya, once a gallant boxing champion, is now a straight up Business Man out for huge piece of the pie. Once a fighter taking on the best, is now a part time boxer looking to make the most money possible for each and every fight. Surely one would think Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions can work something out to make the fight worthwhile for both Margarito and De La Hoya bout, the money is there, although Margarito may not be much of a draw, his popularity definitely improved with his career defining win against Miguel Cotto. So, with all action fighter like Margarito up against a PPV magnet like De La Hoya, Wouldn’t that be a great event? Well yes, for a boxing enthusiast, but not for the average person, attention from them requires a worldwide event like the one that broke world records when De La Hoya faced (then) Pound for Pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. last May, De La Hoya could not get nearly the same results against a fighter like Margarito, The answer is simple really, not ENOUGH money to be made and too much of a risk!!!

A Fans Point of View:

Okay, for his performance and current stature in the Welterweight Division, Margarito deserves a shot at De La Hoya, although “deserves” can be misleading, Oscar also went as far as to say he would love to take on the winner of the Cotto/Margarito fight, well the winner is willing and able. Over the years, Margarito has been proving himself over and over, and maybe not against the best competition, but still, he’s winning, and that’s the most important thing. But after solid wins over Kermit Cintron (twice) and Miguel Cotto, Margarito has arrived, virtually the toughest man in boxing today, blessed with a big frame, iron chin and unbreakable will, Margarito is the man to beat in the Welterweight division. Now that he has a great win over a previously undefeated powerhouse, Margarito is left without an opponent (but may end up fighting Mosley in January), after his bout with Cotto, Margarito attempted to call Oscar’s bluff, and with a few words in Spanish, he basically asked Oscar to prove himself and stick to his words and make a fight with him for the fans, for the Mexican people, but it didn’t work, it wasn’t enough to draw the popular De La Hoya. Oscar is one to always claim that boxers and promotional companies need to do the right thing for boxing, make the dream match-ups a reality, bring them to fruition, but he never takes his own advice when he’s involved, because if he did, he would be facing Margarito in December instead of a lightweight in Pacquiao. This is what ruins boxing for some, this is not the way it is supposed to be, De La Hoya can fight whoever he pleases, it don’t matter who, what, where, when or why, because it’s De La Hoya, it’s just how it is and we have to accept it, now isn’t that sad? Sure De La Hoya/Pacquiao is going to be huge, probably much bigger than “The World Awaits”, but do we really need it? Is it right?……NO!!!!! All that these type of fights do it draw attention

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Vazquez and Marquez: They Have Given Us Enough!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 6, 2008


There is still much talk about the epic battles between Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez, how can we ever forget, the most recent rivalry in boxing that produced three of the best fights in history, these two men spilled their guts and hearts out for us to watch, they battled through hell to show us what they were made of, it was the most amazing display of skill, will and guts that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. With all that Vazquez and Marquez have given us while sharing the ring together, there are still talks about them meeting again sometime next year for a fourth time, now, Is a fourth bout really necessary? What can a fourth fight produce that the other three haven’t?

In their three wars, Vazquez and Marquez produced enough action to put Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies to shame, both fighters have given us more than we can wish for, after such courageous efforts by both men, How can we, as human beings and boxing fans, Demand More? That is just wrong, they will be sacrificing themselves for us, they were clearly made for each other, their styles are perfectly suited for greatness, greatness that they have already produced, we know they have what it takes, let us show us in other ways.

With so many other possible match-ups in the 122lb division for either man, it would be a shame to see them waste themselves away on each other, imagine a fight between Vazquez and Ponce De Leon, or Marquez vs Juan Manuel Lopez, either of those fight would be huge, and both are capable of winning. I am going to keep this entry short, there is not much one can say about these two men that we don’t already know, let’s just hope that they enjoyed their nice long rest, let’s hope they come back to face the best at 122, let’s hope they reach new heights by taking on other great fighters, they do not need to fight again, we know enough.

To Vazquez and Marquez, Thank you so much for giving us all that you have, you guys are truly great.

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Vic Darchinyan vs Jorge Arce 2009?

Posted by beeshabo on November 5, 2008

This is one fight that we are all hoping does in fact come through for us, it’s way past dude, as I wrote an entry before hoping this fight happens (HERE). Its exciting to know that a guy like Darchinyan is not afraid of anyone, and is willing to fight the best, this is what it’s all about, Arce vs Darchinyan will be a Hagler vs Hearns type of fight, it will be exciting while it lasts.

In his last fight, Vic improved his defense as well as offense when he ripped through slick quick Christian Mijares in what was a near perfect performance by the Armenian, he completely dominated the fight and dictated the pace, and ended the fight like the champion he is, via 9th round KO to close the show. Since his KO loss to Donaire, Vic vowed to come back stronger and better than ever, so far, he seems to be keeping his promise, he is now the first fighter to unify the Super Flyweight Titles, and looks to move forward and face Mexico’s Jorge Arce.

Let’s hope this fight gets made, it will be a great opening of 2009.

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The Ghost Buster

Posted by beeshabo on October 30, 2008

On Saturday October 18th, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins showed the boxing world why he is one of the best boxers of all time, putting forth a clinical performance to hand Kelly Pavlik his first professional loss, WOW!!.

From the opening bell, Hopkins took immediate control of the action, firing off combinations and landing at will, he was not only beating Pavlik to the punch, but he was actually hurting him, he was busting him up and making him look ameaturish. It was amazing to see this old guy whoop on this young hungry champion, Pavlik had no answer for anything Hopkins did, it was pretty bad, there was a point in the fight where you thought that Hopkins would actually stop Pavlik, it was that bad. Credit to Bernard for taking this fight after so many turned it down, Pavlik is a huge puncher with an iron will, but the only thing Pavlik was allowed to display that night was his will, as he took numerous hard blows by the legend over and over again, but he kept coming forward, never given a chance to land his own punches, the Ghost was dominated.

Since this bout, I’ve been searching my favorite boxing forums, and there are a lot of people turning their backs on Kelly, just after his first defeat, but let’s face it, Pavlik didn’t lose to a nobody, nor a B level fighter, he lost to a living legend, a boxer of many styles, a rugged veteran who knows how to win. Also I see a whole lot from the Hopkins fans, begging that Hopkins be awarded a rematch with the last man to beat him, Joe Calzaghe, and all claim that the outcome would be very different, that if Hopkins would fight Calzaghe in the same style, he would destroy the Welshmen, but I respectfully disagree, and I will tell you why.

Okay, taking nothing away from Hopkins’ effort in his bout with Calzaghe, he made it close and debatable to some, he is without a doubt a great fighter, but he will never beat a man with Calzaghe’s style, it is just not well suited for a boxer like Hopkins. Most fighters are generalized by style, you have the banger’s, the slicksters, the boxers and the technicians. Many fighters do not acquire the all around skills to be considered a complete fighter, with of course the exception of a few, it’s just virtually impossible to have the x-factor and be able to showcase such a wide variety of traits and skill, there usually is a hole in every great fighters game, but it takes a certain style to expose it. Hopkins is the type of fighter that relies on his experience to execute a precise game plan to defeat his foe, if he has a plodding banger coming forward, he usually mutes their offense using his own offense as defense, he doesn’t lay back and let the banger hit him, he uses their aggression against them, as he did to Pavlik and Felix Trinidad, both straight forward brawlers exposed by the crafty Hopkins. Calzaghe on the other hand is a more polished boxer with superior hand speed, he doesn’t come straight forward, but uses a rather large amount of angles and footwork to work around one’s defense, Hopkins knowing that he would not be able to match Calzaghe’s hand speed and punch output, used a more defensive strategy against Calzaghe, simply trying to counter the Welshmen rather than to stand in the center of the ring and let his fists fly, that would only open him up for counters and leads by the quick Clazaghe.

I don’t understand why so many think that a Hopkins victory is easily envisioned in a rematch, it will be the same fight, no way does Hopkins come out and throw that many punches (as he did with Pavlik) against Calzaghe, he’s not that dumb, Calzaghe is fast and packs a decent punch, if in fact Hopkins was to attempt a more offensive approach, I can easily see him getting beat by an even wider margin, Calzaghe is just too good.

Who will Hopkins fight next?

Stay tuned….

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Kimbo Slice: Another “Hype” Machine??

Posted by beeshabo on October 9, 2008

Internet sensation Kimbo Slice was once a bare knuckle boxer, fighting in backyards, parking lots and random gym’s for money, it didn’t matter where or who, he showed up, and showed up to win. Faster than you can say “Mama said knock you out”, Kimbo went from a fighting to survive, to fighting for pride, because is MMA, that’s what these guys are all about, they dedicate their lives to the sport and they discipline themselves to succeed, they fight for pride, but was Kimbo ready for this?

Kimb with no real background in boxing or MMA, fell into the life, with a huge promotional company and TV network behind him, it looked as though Kimbo would be huge, and he was. Instantly headlining events and rubbing elbows with the best in the business, Kimbo reminded me of a young Mike Tyson (only bigger), he’s tall, tough, rugged, sporting a gold “Grill”, bald head and grizzly beard, he is straight out scary looking. Like Mike, Kimbo is very entertaining to listen to and watch, very comical in his use of slang, and very explosive in the ring, he beats his opponents before they entered the ring by inflicting fear with is very intimidating demeanor.

With the MMA world behind him, Kimbo seemed destined for fame and fortune, but in the eyes of professionals and experts alike, Kimbo would without a doubt find out that it’s a totally different world fighting inside the octagon then fighting in a stranger’s back yard.

With only four fights in MMA, Kimbo was matched with MMA legend Ken Shamrock, a fight in which Kimbo was supposed to win and obtain recognizable name on his resume, but due to a gash suffered in last minute sparring, Shamrock was not cleared by the doctor to participate in the event. With a very distressed look on his face in a pre-fight meeting, Shamrock expressed his feelings on having to pull out of the fight, clearly upset, he stated that he thought Kimbo deserved a beating and he wanted to be the one to do it.

Well, in order to keep the seats filled in the arena, promoters searched for a last minute replacement, without looking very far, Seth Petruzelli who was supposed to fight in a light heavyweight bout, was chosen as the man who would face Kimbo in the main event. With only 12 hours notice, Petruzelli was ready for the challenge, not bothered at all by hype, Petruzelli rose to the occasion and new this was his opportunity to shine.

Standing face to face with Kimbo while receiving last minute instructions by the referee, Petruzelli looked calm and relaxed, Kimbo’s stare down didn’t faze him one bit, and it showed even when the bell rang to begin round one. Kimbo in a slightly crouched position moved in with his hands high, Petruzelli using a karate style leg block, Kimbo rushed in and was caught with a half-cocked right hand that landed on his cheek and down he went, Petruzelli instantly attacked, bombing away, Kimbo dazed and not protecting himself, rolled over on his back, Petruzelli continued to land to the face of Kimbo and the fight was stopped, just 14 seconds in, and it was all over for Kimbo.

Now, after being defeated by a last minute replacement in just 14 seconds, Where does this leave Kimbo Slice? Well, due to his marketing persona, I would say that he should very well bounce back, but I also think he will just become a fighter who everyone wants to fight, he will no longer be the man who many seem to fear. One must think that this loss was a fluke, that Kimbo just got caught cold, he wasn’t prepared for Petruzelli’s style, Well, sorry, but this was bound to happen, sooner than later.

Below is a link to a YouTube video of a bare knuckle fight between Kimbo and some random dude, watch closely, and just 42 seconds into the video, you’ll see Kimbo get hit with a short right hand that drops him, it was a flash knockdown, but still, he definitely felt that punch, so what did one expect to happen once he stepped into the ring with a man trained to punch, trained to fight and hurt you. Surely Kimbo would destroy every guy he met in the streets, but this was against stiffs, random guys without any sort of training, Kimbo lost a non sanctioned street fight to Sean Gannon, a former a former Boston Police officer who trains in MMA, it was a long hard fight, but in the end, Kimbo was flat on his back, exhausted, bloodied and beaten.

Watch the Kimbo vs Petruzelli fight in it’s entirety,

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